Every BeerBugTM includes all the software necessary to monitor and learn from your delicious brew. This includes real time updates of specific gravity, temperature (celsius or fahrenheit), and alcohol content, sharing and comparing brew data and recipes, and everything else you've come to see on thebeerbug.com.

For those wanting ultimate monitoring and control over their brewing and BeerBug experience we have Advanced Features and Developer Access. The Advanced Features are for the any brewer or data junkie looking for more monitor and control over his/her Bug and brew data.

The Developer Access provides all current and future API and Dev tools. Want to integrate your brew data on your own site? Want to use your Bug's data for commanding your new gizmo? Developer Access is for you.

Advanced User Features

Advanced Features allow you more monitoring and control of your BeerBug and brew data.

Purchasing the Advanced User Features means you get access to all current and future features. Over the next few weeks and months we will be adding many additional Advance User Features.

Changing your data rate:

The default data rate of your BeerBug is 20 minutes. This means that every 20 minutes your BeerBug will wake up, connect to WiFi, and send your data to the cloud.

  • With Advanced Features you can change this to 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, or 180 minutes.
  • Adjust this value depending on how often you'd like to see your latest data. Changing your data rate will also change your battery life. If you've got a long fermentation ahead of you, switching the data rate from 20 to 60 minutes will greatly increase your battery life.

Additional data:

  • Advanced Users also see the average, minimum, and maximum temperature of a brew.

Downloading your data:

  • As an Advanced User you can download your current or saved brews in XML or CSV format.

Notifications (Coming Soon!)

  • Temperature: Temperature Too High and Too Low. Set the maximum and minimum temperature you'd like for your brew. You'll receive an on screen notification and email if ever your brew slips out of these bounds.
  • Fermentatoin Start: Know when your brew begins to ferment. You'll receive an on screen notification and email as soon as your fermentation begins.
  • Fermentation Done: Know when your fermentation has ended. You'll receive an on screen notification and email as soon as your fermentation ended.
  • Battery Level: Receive a notification when your BeerBug's battery level hits 20%. You'll receive an on screen notification and email as soon as your battery level gets below 20%.

We are always taking in customer feedback on what might be the next feature or improvement. If you have any suggestions please message us or visit the suggestions forum.

$8.99 for 3 months

Developer Access

As a Developer you will have access to all of the Advanced Features above as well as the BeerBug API & Developer Tools.

Pull All of Your Data

Developer Access allows you to poll our servers for the latest or all data from your BeerBug. Make a request to the provided API URI/URLs and receive a JSON data array.

  • Density (Specific Gravity or Plato)
  • Ambient Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Alcohol By Volume (Alcohol Percentage)
  • Probe Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Battery Voltage & Battery Percentage
  • Fermentation Progress (Percentage of Fermentation Completion)

Your Developer access will always be updating so as to ensure the most reliable data and satisfaction. Our goal is to have a fully functional RESTful API in the very near future. We will take all of your suggestions and critiques into consideration with further development of the API. Again, if you have any suggestions please message us or visit the API/Dev forum.

$11.99 for 3 months