We Moved! Address Update

Feb. 20, 2017
As of February 1st, we have moved our office to Richmond, Virginia! We have a great new facility that will allow our team to work together and continue restoring and developing the BeerBug.

Starting at the end of January we placed a forwarding address with the local post office, but we seem to be having many packages return to sender instead of our new location. We are so very sorry for the inconvenience and delay.
If your package has been returned to you, please email us [email protected] and we will mail you a prepaid envelope to resend your BeerBug to our new address.

New Address:
SensorShare, LLC.
2103 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230

We Moved! Address Update

Feb. 20, 2017
As of February 1st, we have moved our office to Richmond, Virginia! We have a great new facility that will allow our team to work together and continue restoring and developing the BeerBug.

Starting at the end of January we placed a forwarding address with the local post office, but we seem to be having many packages return to sender instead of our new location. We are so very sorry for the inconvenience and delay.
If your package has been returned to you, please email us [email protected] and we will mail you a prepaid envelope to resend your BeerBug to our new address.

New Address:
SensorShare, LLC.
2103 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230

BeerBug Relaunch

Feb. 02, 2017
SensorShare is thrilled to relaunch sales of the BeerBug at a new price of $149.99! We are very excited to have resolved the majority of calibration/connection issues and have a large number of brewers beginning to use their BeerBugs again.

We have received feedback from some users still experiencing various problems. The problems that have been identified so far are as follows:
- Unable to "Finish" and old brew in order to start a new brew
- Still unable to move past calibration screen
- User account shows "Loading" and will not provide data on graphs, only current readings
- Inaccurate date and name for new brews
- Changing account holder of second hand BeerBugs

Our software team is tackling these one day at a time. If you are experiencing any additional problems please email us at [email protected]!

Pause in Sales

Jan. 18, 2017
After much consideration, our team has decided to halt the sale of BeerBugs until we have our connectivity/calibration issue resolved. We want to remain 100% honest about the status of our product with our customers. We feel that until we can promise customers a BeerBug that can be use the day you receive it, it is our responsibility to not sell. Thank you for understanding and we anxiously await reopening sales soon! If you have any product questions, please contact our CEO at [email protected]

BeerBug Software Under Restoration

Jan. 03, 2017
We are currently working hard to resolve many backend software issues and restore full functionality to the BeerBug. The issues of highest priority is solving the connection/calibration errors, while other small glitches involve inability to delete/edit of brews and add new BeerBugs to an account. We have all of our resources focused on resolving these issues and we will update you as we make progress.
For more frequent updates and details, please follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thebeerbug!

Product Support
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any product questions or support needs and our technical team will work through your questions with you!

New Ownership

Jan. 03, 2017
As of early November, BeerBugā€™s parent company SensorShare LLC has new majority owners and and a new BeerBug management team that includes Covintus, an experienced software development firm.
Your satisfaction means everything to us and we are committed to delivering you a high-quality product. If you have any questions or concerns about your BeerBug please contact Conner Trebour, our new CEO, at [email protected] New bios will be added to the SensorShare webpage in the upcoming weeks so that you can get to know the new team!
Our team is excited to continue the progress that BeerBug has made and we have some very exciting plans for the upcoming year! We are looking forward to making improvements and getting to know our brewers so that we can deliver a product designed specific to their needs!

Resolved Server Issues

Mar. 15, 2016
All server issues are currently resolved. If you've experienced any connection or page loading errors over the previous few days you should now see all of these issues resolved.
If you see any further issues please submit a Support ticket to us - thebeerbug.com/support

Redirects Issue Resolved

Jan. 18, 2016
The issue regarding redirects to the community page has been resolved. Thank you all for notifying us of the issue and your patience during this time! Should you have any other problems please contact us on our Support page!

Redirects to Community Page

Jan. 15, 2016
We are aware of the issue concerning users being unable to access their current brews and being redirected to the community page. It is being worked on presently. Please keep an eye for an update once functionality has been restored!

Brew Club Editing Paused

Jan. 13, 2016
We're currently working on functionality for Brew Clubs. During this time, adding Brew Clubs to your profile is paused. Besides adding your Brew Club all features will continue to work normally.

ParasitX Email Server Error

Nov. 03, 2015
From approximately 3:15pm EST yesterday, November 2nd until 12:20pm EST today, November 3rd ParasitX's emailing system was down.

This DOES NOT effect BeerBug data in any way. However, if you attempted to contact a BeerBug team member via a ParasitX email address, it is unlikely that we received any message between these times. Unfortunately, it appears messages sent during this time are lost forever.

BeerBug Support functioned normally during this time. All Support tickets submitted accounted for.

As of now, normal functionality has returned to our email servers.

Homepage Contest Winner

Oct. 14, 2015
We're happy to announce the winner of our recent homepage contest!

Congratulations Maciej Biskup! We look forward to hearing how your first brew with the BeerBug turns out... delicious we hope! Thank you to everyone else who entered the contest. Keep check our homepage periodically for new contests and prizes!

BeerBug Price Drop

Aug. 05, 2015
We are excited to announce that the BeerBug is now available at $199.99.

In addition, we have added a new page explaining product details about the BeerBug. Check out our new page, learn more about the BeerBug, share with your friends, and order a BeerBug or two!

Order a BeerBug at $250 in the last 45 days? Email us for a special offer - [email protected]

- The BeerBug Team

Notifications Beta

Aug. 03, 2015
We've launched the beta for notifications!

This system will be used to alert users about their brew. Consisting but not limited to the original gravity, when fermentation kicks off, when temperature is too high or too low, when a brew has reached it's final gravity and if the battery life is getting low.

Sign up is still open at this link.

Android App Update

Jul. 30, 2015
We've released an update to the Android app to fix some common problems users have been experiencing. Mainly, the login timeout issues and the brew setup process not finishing correctly.
Make sure you download the update from the google play store if it doesn't do it automatically!

BeerBug Support

Jun. 23, 2015
We have a new support center with better organized instruction, new videos, troubleshooting, FAQ, and a reliable support ticket system. Check it out! - https://thebeerbug.com/support.

Normal Connection Speed Resumed

May. 12, 2015
As of yesterday, May 11 2015, normal connection and speed has resumed.

If you notice any connection issues or slow load times, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience!

Taylor McClenny & the BeerBug Team

Intermittent Connection and Slow Loads

May. 08, 2015
We've recently learned that our database has been being attacked. We believe this is the culprit for seemingly random outages and slowness. We're working on fixing all of this now.

No attacker has been able to get into our database, nor do we think they ever will. However, the repeated, brute force attacks (repeated attempts of guessing our database password, many per second), are greatly taxing the server, causing it to be slow or restart.

We apologize if the site goes down runs slowly in the mean time.

Migration Complete - Issues Resolved

Apr. 17, 2015
All data migration has been completed.

Also, we believe all issues recently seen stemming from address errors of our migration have been resolved. If you see any abnormalities, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience!

Final Data Migration - Communication Errors

Apr. 16, 2015
Two days ago we began migrating all data from our old servers to new, much faster servers.

We are now finishing final data migration efforts.

Some of communication went down over the past 24 hours. This was unexpected and we apologize for this error.

This will return to normal shortly. If you are seeing communication errors, please let us know.

Server Migration Complete!

Apr. 16, 2015
Hi all!

We wanted to let everyone know that on April 15, 2015 we were in the process of changing our server infrastructure. This was completed in the morning of April 16, 2015.

All data and website functionality should now be restored! We apologize for not putting up a notification about this sooner!

Android App Fix

Mar. 26, 2015
Our Android App has had issues with logging in. We've solved the majority of failure cases but still are chasing one lingering issue.

Login should now work the majority of the time. If you experience the infrequent remaining failure case logging in, force close the app and restart.

BeerBug iOS App Update - Available Now!

Feb. 09, 2015
User Interface and User Experience Update:
-Removed Settings "cog" and Graphs button
-Select Bug to navigate to Bug/Brew page
-Fixed - Time of "last data point" now showing properly
-Fixed - Sometimes improperly swapping Celsius and Fahrenheit
-Improved - Mobile responsiveness/webviews
-Improved - Brew Library load times, interface and content
-Improved - Various data processes in brew setup and settings
-Added proper connection timeout
-Other minor bugs fixes and updates

Brew Pages Update!

Jan. 15, 2015
We've just pushed a large update to the Brew, Test, Saved Brew, and How To pages. On the Brew, Test, and Saved Brew pages you'll notice full mobile responsiveness as well as improved navigation. If you have any questions about buttons or content, mouse over or click (on mobile) for tooltips.

Additionally we've improved the New Brew Setup process so that setting up your BeerBug to collect your brew data is clear and easy.

The How To page has been updated to reflect new information including troubleshooting and tips to ensure you have the best data possible.

We will be following this with an update to our iOS app next week.

New Users Update

Dec. 23, 2014
This update applies to all new users that have not yet connected their BeerBug™ to WiFi.

In some instances, before connecting your BeerBug™ to WiFi for the first time, you may need to initiate a hard reset. This is due to your BeerBug™ lacking some firmware and will only need to be done once. If your BeerBug™ shows no LED activity (besides the charging LED) you need to perform a hard reset.
Learn more and see how here.

Server Maintenance Ended - Normal Functionality Returned

Dec. 19, 2014
Yesterday server maintenance was completed and normal functionality was returned to all user profiles. Thanks for your patience!

Profile Edits Paused

Dec. 17, 2014
We are making some vital updates to our servers. For the next 24 hours you may not be able to edit your profile information. Normal functionality will return soon.

Software Updates

Dec. 05, 2014
This week we pushed a number of software updates. As of late Thursday night (US EST) all known errors resulting in missing or hidden data have been resolved.

This includes updates that effect functions of both the iOS and Android apps. If you are noticing any lingering issues please be sure to force close you app and reopen.

In additional the form and function of the brew pages in app are far improved.

As always, if you find any issues please let [email protected] know.

App's Graph's and All Live Data Display Properly

Dec. 03, 2014
You may have notice, via apps, all data has been display properly on graphs for the past couple days. If not, be sure to force close your app and reopen.

We're working on some additional updates and initially planned to roll these together and put out one update. However, they are taking more time then expected. We wanted to let everyone know live data, on graphs should be displayed properly in their apps.

We'll post further updates soon.

Graph's Data Not Displayed in App

Nov. 26, 2014
Although the latest data shown natively in the Apple and Android apps is correct -- When viewing live graphs from the Apple or Android apps data is not posting properly. This is only happening in the app webviews.

If you are having trouble viewing live graphs via your Apple or Android app use your computer or mobile device's browser. All data and graphs will render as normal.

We're working to resolve this issue but the holidays are proving a tough schedule. We hope to have this resolved soon, but until then, your browser (smartphone, tablet, or computer) will render all data properly.

Improper Tare: Gravity in the Thousands

Nov. 26, 2014
We've seen a few brews with gravities appearing to flatline at 1.000 then jumping to readings in the thousands (ex. 1,040.000)

This comes from an improper tare. Be sure to include a decimal in your tare value. ex. If taring to an OG of 1.040 be sure to enter "1.040" and not "1,040" or "1040".

We are implementing checks to ensure users cannot tare improperly, but until then, be sure to check this.

Apple App Update 2.1.1

Nov. 21, 2014
We pushed an update for the Apple App that fixes the error rerouting you to the Community page when trying to view your brew. Please update your Apple App now.

As we've been finalizing the Android update, we are rolling in this fix and publishing the full update early next week.

Lastly, over the next few weeks we will be ensuring all pages are 100% mobile friendly.

Problem Viewing Data from Apps

Nov. 19, 2014
This past weekend we learned one of our new security features on the new website is sometimes causing problems viewing data from the Android and Apple apps. We've addressed the problem, found a solution, and are pushing the necessary updates this weekend or early next week.

Launch Notes

Nov. 12, 2014
We hope you like the new site. We've made a lot of UI/UX updates that we think will greatly enhance your experience.

Along with all of the UI/UX updates you are seeing today we've made significant improvements to the backend and how data is handled. These together will allow us to unleash a wave of new features that we think you are really going to like. We're working heavily on these now and expect to push them in the not-so-distant future.

With the new site launch we have new apps to follow. The iOS app is now available on the Apple App Store. There are significant improvements and features. The Android app is soon to follow.

Have a look around and please let us know what you think. We'll have the messaging system back up and running in the next day or so. Until then please email any feedback or questions to [email protected]

Site Launch

Nov. 10, 2014
We have a slight delay but expect to be pushing the new site over the next 24 hours.

You may notice some slightly longer load times when viewing data while we make the transition. We appreciate your patience.

If you have any issues, please let us know - [email protected]

November Relaunch

Oct. 30, 2014
In the next few weeks will be pushing a brand new site, iOS app, and Android app. Shortly there after we will have new features including: increased data resolution, user set notifications, and much more. Sorry for the delay. We'll have a hard date set soon.

BeerBug™ Maintenance

Oct. 08, 2014
It is approximately 8:36 AM EST and we have just pushed what should hopefully be a fix in the firmware that was causing some people to experience issues with their devices.

Please message us or post on the fourms if you have any questions.

BeerBug™ Update

Oct. 07, 2014
Last night we pushed a series of updates to each BeerBug™ that will be in conjunction with a very large update coming out soon. All the testing we've done has shown no issues. However, if you feel you are experiencing any issues since last night's update please let us know.

We'll post more about the large update coming soon.

Full Overhaul

Aug. 27, 2014
Early to mid September we will be pushing a complete redesign of www.thebeerbug.com and both the iOS and Android apps. Over the many months since launch we've learn a little about what we're doing right and lot about what we can improve. We've taken a lot of feedback from the community and think you'll love the updates. If you have feedback or suggestions please let us know! (email [email protected])

If you're a design or UI/UX geek and think you can lend a seasoned eye, we'd love to share some early stuff with you.

Issues Saving Brews

Jul. 15, 2014
If you have experienced an issue saving brews please email [email protected] We have found an error that was not properly saving brews to the brew library. Don't worry though we still have a record of all your data.

Software Updates

Jul. 08, 2014
We are listening to your feedback and trying to give you the best experience possible. The majority of users have asked for a few things, here's what we've done.

We have done a major rework for the algorithms of how data is stored and displayed. Deleting data should now occur much faster.

When you look at a brew in the brew database or look at a brew of one of your BeerBug™s you will now be greeted with a much more mobile friendly screen. The buttons are larger and we have made the size of the boxes fixed so there is no need to click the "more" or "less" button to show more info/buttons (mobile only). The dialog boxes now pop up properly with a larger text and larger buttons, this should help streamline the new brew/test process. We are currently working on updating the profile page to be mobile friendly as well.

In other news
We are also working on updating the entire website to be mobile friendly so be on the look out for new layouts on the how to, getting started, and other pages.

If your data seems off after this update please email [email protected]

Data Send Error (Fix in Progress)

Jul. 08, 2014
This weekend we've notice a sporadic issue where BeerBug™s are connected to WiFi and a user account properly, but not sending data as expected. Sometimes data is not sent for a few hours. However, the issue will fix itself.

We're currently working to extinguish this error. If you believe you are or have experienced this error, please let [email protected] know.

Thank you for your patience.

Server Maintenance (Completed)

Jun. 24, 2014
Server maintenance is now complete. Please let us know if you have any issues with the site either by message or forum.

We preformed server maintenance today 6/24/2014 starting at 10:00AM EST. We completed the maintenance around 8:00PM EST.

BeerBug™ 1.1

Jun. 20, 2014
Today we are updating to BeerBug™ 1.1.

One of the best things about the hardware platform of the BeerBug™ is not only can your Bug send data updates every few minutes, we can send updates to your Bug. This allows the brains of your Bug (the software and firmware) to grow as we learn. Since launch we've learned more about how brewers are using their Bugs.

This update will extend your battery life to or above our 25 day mark. Your BeerBug™ will take twice as much data, improving reliability, but send that data half as much. Meaning, by default, your Bug will send data every 20 minutes, collecting it every 5 minutes. If you'd like more control over the sampling rate, our Advanced User Features allow you to take your sampling rate down to 2 minutes or up to 3 hours. (to see this and other Advanced User Features, click here)
(Interested in the API and Developer Tools? You'll also see those available in the link above.)

In our previous update announcing BeerBug™ 1.1 we mentioned you'd need to hold down your Bug's button for 7 seconds to properly wake your Bug. However, we figured out a way to keep your buttons function the same. You will not need to hold down the button for 7s -- Just the existing 1 - 2s.

Also, today we are making the forums public. Got questions? Feedback? Thoughts? Going to the forums may be the first place to start. We're already loaded it with tons of information and your fellow brewers are starting to contribute here. However, as always, we're still available by email to answer any questions you have.

BeerBug™ at NHC

Jun. 11, 2014
The BeerBug™ is at the National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week/weekend.

We're happy to be here among the best homebrewing has to offer. We'll post updates and snippets this week as events unfold. Be sure to see the latest on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

google +

Please continue to send us questions and feedback. We may be a little slower this week and weekend, but we'll get to you as soon as we can!

BeerBug™ 1.1 Update - Battery Life

Jun. 05, 2014
There seems to have been a bit of confusion that our last update title, "BeerBug™ 1.1 - Battery Life and Data Accuracy" meant that this update had been pushed and was in effect.

"BeerBug™ 1.1 - Battery Life and Data Accuracy" was meant to inform we understand there is a problem and are working on a solution. We now have some really good data and numbers. We are taking an additional few days to ensure results are accurate and finalize testing.

We'll post an update when we are there. Cheers!

Short Server Outage - Fixed

May. 29, 2014
Yesterday evening we discovered that beginning midday we were having server errors. This issue has been resolved and everything should return to normal. Unfortunately during this time period, about May 28th Noon EST to May 29th 11am EST, all data didn't make it to our servers. We apologize for the error, everything should be resolved. If you have any issues or questions email [email protected]

BeerBug™ 1.1 - Battery Life and Data Accuracy

May. 23, 2014

Battery Life

As we've got more BeerBug™s in brewers hands we've learned how different environments can affect WiFi connectivity and battery life by extension. We've learned the initial 25+ days battery life rating we advertised is "best case scenario"¯. Users have reported battery life numbers as low as in the 10 - 13 day range. Although this is acceptable for most brews we'd like to extend the battery life back into the 20 day range.

(seeing less than 10 days? let us know - [email protected])

One of our most powerful tools is the ability to make firmware (your BeerBug™'s hardware's software) updates to all BeerBug™s in existence. For these updates, nothing is needed on the user's end. Whenever updates are pushed, the next time your Bug turns on it will download the update.

We'll be pushing a software/firmware update in the coming weeks that will significantly increase your Bug's battery life.

Data Accuracy

In addition, we've learned more about how your different brewing environments and vessels effect data gathering. We're working on an improved data gathering method and will most likely push this with the battery life update.

Button Hold - 7s

There is a slight trade-off here in that to put your BeerBug™ into high activity mode, you will now need to hold its button down for 7 seconds, rather than the previous 2 seconds.

Clubs/Shops Overhaul

May. 23, 2014
Check out the new Clubs and Shops pages. We have updated the flow and look to be similar to the profile page. To edit information in the top box on your respective shop/club's page you simply hover, click, edit, and save. To edit the "club/shop info." section of your club's profile simply click on the green title boxed and an editing text box should pop up, edit and save. *(note: only admins, owners, and managers can edit this info)

The clubs on the community page are now also organized by the amount of members. If you can't find the club you are looking for you can search for it. If you want to see a list of all of the clubs go to the search page leave the search box empty, select the clubs category, and hit search.

With this update we also added a new way to join/ leave clubs. There is now a button on all club pages to join/leave. You can still join via your profile. You can also still create a new club via your profile by entering a club name that is not in use yet. If you create a new club you will become the owner and have full control.

You can also now be a member of up to 3 clubs! So if you are part of multiple you can join multiple.

Profile Overhaul

May. 13, 2014
You may have noticed that your profile may look different. We recently redid the entire layout and flow of the profile page.

The editting flow of the profile no longer uses a dialog box to save all of the features. Now you simply click on the field you want to edit data for and you will be able to edit right there.

We've also added an activity feed. This shows any public brews that you have done or are currently doing, ordered by date.

If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs please send us a message.

Dev Tools & API

May. 09, 2014
We've published our API and Dev Tools for a few Beta testers. After we work with our Beta testers for a week or so we'll make the API and Dev Tools available for everyone who purchased them via KickStarter.

If you Backed for the BeerBug™ API during KickStarter please email us and we'll make sure you get everything you need.

If you'd like to be added as a Developer please let us know.

Please contact [email protected]

Search & Filter

May. 05, 2014
We've just added the ability to filter brews by type on your community page. By default you are seeing the latest live brews arranged by date. If you'd like to narrow the brews shown in your community feed to a particular type select the drop down at the top auto-filled with "all types" and select your desired type.

Use the new search feature in your navigation bar. Search for brews, bugs, users, clubs, shops, and types.

Android App

Apr. 30, 2014
The taring issue with the Android App has been fixed.

Recipe Styles

Apr. 25, 2014
We have reset all recipe styles (types). We have narrowed them down so they reflect the recipe styles offered on the AHA's website. If you do not see your brew's recipe just leave us a message and we'll add it for you.

Brew Pictures

Apr. 07, 2014
You may have noticed that your BeerBug™(s) and your brews may have pictures that are not your profile picture anymore. That is because you now have the ability to upload pictures for your brews. Changing the picture of your BeerBug™ brew or brew library brew is similar to how you do it in your profile. Just hover over the picture, click upload, and follow the prompts.

Whatever picture you set your BeerBug™ brew to is the picture that will be used when you save your brew to the brew library, but if you want to change it again you may do so on the brew's brew library page.


Apr. 02, 2014
This new page is going to be your new home here. Your community page displays BeerBug™s that are brewing right now in real time, along with a list of brew clubs and brew shops. The next step is to arrange what you see here by location and favorites. Live in Virginia? Like stouts? You'll see those first.

This brings brew clubs and brew shops into the picture. If you have not added your brew club yet please do. The first club to reach 10 members (with or without Bugs) will receive a free Bug for their club!

Brew Library Overhaul

Apr. 02, 2014
The brew library has been given a face lift. It should feel familiar as it is a reflection of a BeerBug's page just with a different purpose.

BeerBug™ Maintenance

Apr. 01, 2014
We did some maintenance on the mobile applications and the website over the weekend. If you are experiencing any issues please message us.

"new brew" button

Mar. 20, 2014
Located on your Bug's brew page (in your Bug's "more" drop down option) this button will take you step by step thru setting up your BeerBug™ for a brew. We'll make sure you get all the vital information about your brew, get great data, and understand the process.

New Brew Page

Mar. 20, 2014
Our brew page overhaul has a streamlined design with intuitive functionality. Since our site went live we've been taking notes on feedback and how our brew page can work best for you.

"getting started"

Mar. 18, 2014
This brand new page is a crash course into what the BeerBug™ is, how it works, and what to expect. Check it out here.

Bluetooth Users: Toggle

Mar. 03, 2014
The Bluetooth BeerBugTM access link has been moved. If you are a Bluetooth User you must go to your profile and "enable" Bluetooth User.

"Leave Us a Message"

Mar. 03, 2014
This new feature is located in the top right section of the webpage and is accessible from any page on the website. Simply click on the envelope tab and send us a message. Whether it is a problem or suggestion do not be afraid to ask.

Website Updates

Mar. 03, 2014
All pages and features have been updated. You’ll see a few live brews from all over the world at the very top of this page. If you click “bugs” in the navigation bar you’ll be taken to the page where you can view your Bugs and see all other active Bugs (as this is a new feature, it will take some time for ‘active’ bugs to be in effect). If you click the ‘brew library’ (a book with page marker) in the navigation bar you’ll see our growing brew library. You’ll be able to see completed brews and recipes from all of our brewers! Please browse the full site to see all the updates we’ve made. If you have any questions please let us know.”


Mar. 03, 2014
With our KickStarter order fulfilled we are now taking new pre-orders. Deliveries being end of March. Pre-Order your's here.

Coming Soon

Notifications Beta

Jun. 12, 2015
We've started implementation of a new notification system to alert users specific information about their brews consisting but not limited to the original gravity, when fermentation kicks off, when temperature is too high or too low, when a brew has reached it's final gravity and if the battery life is getting low.

The notification feature will begin in closed beta before being released.

If you'd like to sign up, please let us know here.