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What is BeerBug?

BeerBug takes your brew data from the physical world to your computer and smartphone in real time, any where in the world. Its supporting social networks allows all members to learn from and partake in brewing all over the world.

How BeerBug Works

BeerBug takes your brew’s gravity, temperature, and alcohol% measurements every 10 minutes and streams them to the cloud via WiFi.

- fits most any vessel
- mounts just like an airlock
- reroutes CO2 via airlock/blowoff
- rechargable 25 day battery life
- view your brew data anywhere in the
world with your computer & smartphone
- Android and iOS supported

Join the Revolution

- gather your brew’s data
- share your recipes, data, & progress
- see your friend’s brews
- see live brews all over the world
- browse all brews and recipes

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Brewing right now in:

Pensacola , Florida, USA

Gary Edgar's: Dunkelweizen All Grain
temperature: ext. 68.2F

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Brew Pictures

Apr. 07, 2014
You may have noticed that your BeerBug(s) and your brews may have pictures that are not your profile picture anymore. That is because you now have the ability to upload pictures for your brews. Changing the picture of your BeerBug brew or brew library brew is similar to how you do it in your profile. Just hover over the picture, click upload, and follow the prompts.

Whatever picture you set your BeerBug brew to is the picture that will be used when you save your brew to the brew library, but if you want to change it again you may do so on the brew's brew library page.


Apr. 02, 2014
This new page is going to be your new home here. Your community page displays BeerBugs that are brewing right now in real time, along with a list of brew clubs and brew shops. The next step is to arrange what you see here by location and favorites. Live in Virginia? Like stouts? You'll see those first.

This brings brew clubs and brew shops into the picture. If you have not added your brew club yet please do. The first club to reach 10 members (with or without Bugs) will receive a free Bug for their club!

Brew Library Overhaul

Apr. 02, 2014
The brew library has been given a face lift. It should feel familiar as it is a reflection of a BeerBug's page just with a different purpose.

"new brew" button

Mar. 20, 2014
Located on your Bug's brew page (in your Bug's "more" drop down option) this button will take you step by step thru setting up your BeerBug for a brew. We'll make sure you get all the vital information about your brew, get great data, and understand the process.

Bluetooth Users: Toggle

Mar. 03, 2014
The Bluetooth BeerBug access link has been moved. If you are a Bluetooth User you must go to your profile and "enable" Bluetooth User.

Coming Soon


Mar. 27, 2014
Utilizing new “updates” banner to include helpful tips ensuring you know of all the useful BeerBug features.

FAQ and Forum

Mar. 27, 2014
We'll be building an FAQ and a forum coming here soon. We want to make sure the bulk of is in place first.

Dev Tools

Mar. 27, 2014
Advanced features and Dev tools.